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Gilan – the most exotic kishlak (village) in Uzbekistan

Gilan – the most exotic kishlak (village) in Uzbekistan

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Gilan – the most exotic kishlak (village) in Uzbekistan

Country: Uzbekistan<br>
Duration: 1 day<br>
Type of tour: individual, by request<br>
Season: April-October (the best period is June)
Languages: Russian, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese.

Gilanis the most exotic kishlak (village) in Uzbekistan, located high in the Gissar mountains in the border with Tajikistan, thus, for a long time this area was forbidden for visiting by tourists. Local people have been growing the most delicious potatoes in Uzbekistan here on steep mountain slopes for 800 years, keeping the ancient traditions and the way of life. In addition, the landscapes of Gilan are beautiful.
08:00- Departure from hotel to the great Suvtushar waterfall and then to Gilan village (100 km, 4 hours). Lunch-picnic. Walks in the village. In June, participation in manual plowing of the field with donkeys or bulls and planting potatoes is possible.Returning to Shakhrisabz through Kulkishlak (village).

18:00 –Arrival in Shakhrisabz.

Price by person:

Person 1 2 3 4 5 6-9 10-12 13-15 16-20
$ 170 100 90 75 65 60 60 60 60

Including local guide, transport (1 car for 3 pax), lunch-box.

During the excursion you will see:
- exotic villages Gilan, Kul, Sutushar;
- Gissare mountain reservoir;
- man-made fields and multi-kilometer irrigation canals;
- wonderful 40 m Suvtushar waterfall;
- traditional rural life and traditions of local people;
- picturesquemountain landscapes and snow peaks of Gissar Range.

By request of the tourists, it is possible to arrange a stay in a traditional house of local people and light hiking in the mountains.

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