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To the cave of Tamerlane

To the cave of Tamerlane

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To the cave of Tamerlane

Country: Uzbekistan
Duration: 2 days
Type of tour: individual, by request
Season: June-October (the best period is June)
Language: Russian, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese.

Legendary cave of Tamerlaneis located in 140 km southeast of Shakhrisabz. Cave is located in the foothills of vertical 300m wall of colossal canyon of Kalasayriver. The length of the cave is more than 500m,there are calcite stalactites, stalagmites and stalagnates. The caveis natural and is not specially equipped for tourists. Huge corridor leads to three thin manholes, where you will have to crawl.After overcoming these obstacles, tourists enter a huge hall, from the ceiling of which a waterfall flows out in the spring, forming a small lake. The surroundings of the cave are incredibly beautiful: a grandiose canyon, the Kyzyl – Karshavar karst plateau.

Day 1. 09:00 –DeparturefromhotelinLyangarvillage (100 km, 4 hours). ExcursioninXVcenturymosqueandmausoleum. TransfertoKalasaycanyon. Lunch-picnic. Setting up the camp. Walks in the fields, visiting shepherds in summer pasture. Dinner. Overnight in the camp (2500 m above the sea level)

Day 2. 08:00 –breakfast. 09:00-14:00 excursion to the cave and to the footprints of dinosaurs. Lunch-picnic. Return to Shakhrisabz at 19:00

Price by person:

person 1 2 3 4 5 6-9 10-12 13-15 16-20
$ 390 240 220 190 180 170 170 170 170

Including local guide, transport (1 car for 3 pax), 2 lunch boxes, breakfast, dinner.

During the excursion, you will see:
- exoticLyangarvillage;
- high mountain summer pastures;
- juniper forests, alpine meadows and glades of the Eremurus;
- legendary cave of Tamerlane;
- grandioseKalasay river canyon;
- traditional rural life and traditions of local people
- picturesque mountain landscapes, the Kyzyl-Karshavar plateau, the dominant peak of the Khoja-Akhcha-Burun region (3855 m.)

At the request of tourists, a 2-day trekking (35 km) is possible in the picturesque mountains through the grandiose Zarmas canyon, with an intermediate overnight in Zarmas village.

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