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Fedchenko glacier
Fedchenko glacier is the largest in the former USSR and one of the biggest in the world. It is 77 km long and from 1700 to 3100m wide. It springs from the foot of the Revolucii Peak at north mountainside of the Yazgulemskiy mountain range and runs along east mountainside of the Science Academy mountain range. Ice in the middle of the glacier is approximately 1000m thick, the glacier’s rate of movement is about 66,8 centimeters/24hours, total glaciation’s area is 992sq.km. The glacier is largest middle-latitude valley-type glacier in the world. The glacier’s upper end is at an altitude of 628..
Inylchek glacier
Eternal snow and glaciers occupy approximately 4 % of the territory of Kyrgyzstan which is about 8 thousand km2. Inylchek is considered as the largest (60 kms) and fastest glacier of Kyrgyzstan having two sleeves named Northern and Southern Inylchek. It is located to the east of Issyk-Kul lake on Khan-Tengry massif, the most high and remote part of all Tien-Shan. The area is characterized by powerful glaciations. There are many above 6000 m summits (Khan-Tengry Peak (6995 m) is the highest among them) and Pobeda Peak (7439 m) here. Southern Inylchek is the largest glacier of Tien-Shan ..

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