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Safari Park (Tien Shan Reserve of Wildlife)
Tien Shan Zoo Safari is the largest one in China. Its area is 75 sq. km. Safari Park is located in 40 km from Urumqi. Visitors of the park ride in special electric vehicles. 170 different kinds of animals – over 3000 species in total - are collected in this zoo. There are exotic animals also: giraffes, lions, tigers, elephants, hippos and rhinos, snow leopards, Siberian tigers, etc. In 2008 a new occupant - panda settled in the reserve. Therefore, you need not to fly to south China for admiring these wonderful animals, visit Urumqi simply. You can visit parrots show and a huge open-air cage wi..
Reserves of Kazakhstan
There are many reserves or national parks which save the flora and fauna of these unique environment in Kazakhstan. Among them are national parks Altyn Emel and Bayanul, reserves Aksu-Dzhabagly, Naurzumskiy, Usturtskiy and Markakolskiy. Aksu-Djabagli. Aksu-Djabagli is the oldest reserve of Kazakhstan and the first in Central Asia received status of biospheric reserve of UNESCO is located in spurs of Western Tian Shan at height from 1000 up to 4280 meters above sea level. All general height zones are presented there. Semi-deserts are replaced by dry steppes, magnificent meadows give plac..
Zaamin National Park
Often the Zaamin National Park is confused with the Zaamin Reserve. In fact, they are closely connected with one another, both territorially and from the floral and faunal aspects. The main difference of the Zaamin National Park from the reserve with the same name is that visitors are allowed into the territory of the national park. The park also includes a sanatorium, while the reserve forbids any economic activity in its territory. Usually the Zaamin National Park is considered to be confined to the narrow gorge of the Uryukli-Say river, from a point a little distance south o..
Zaamin National Reserve
The Zaamin National Reserve (often confused with the Zaamin National Park, which is a different object) is situated on the northern slopes of the Turkestan Range, in the territory of Zaamin and Bahmal Districts, Jizzah province, Uzbekistan. The reserve was recreated in 1960 in the place of the former Guralash Reserve (founded in 1928) and at present covers a territory of 26,840 ha. The territory of the reserve is occupied by a mountain chain with clear divisions into altitudinal zones, the elevations ranging from 1,760 m to 3,500 m above sea level. The southern part of the reserve fe..
Kitab National Reserve
The Kitab National Reserve is situated in Kitab district, Kashkadarya province, Uzbekistan, and is located on the southwestern spurs of the Zeravshan Range, in the Kashkadarya river basin (on the left bank of the Jindydarya river). The Kitab Reserve is the only one in Uzbekistan that is administered by the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Geology and Mineral Resources. This reserve was organised with the special purpose of preserving unique stratigraphic successions and the fossil forms of marine animals and plants they contain. The Palaeozoic strata in the territory ..
The Ugam-Chatkal National park
Ugam-Chatkal is the state national wild nature park, created in 1992 by reorganization of Chatkal biosphere reserve. It is located at Chatkal ridges of Western Tien-Shan, encompassing Akhangaran, Brichmulla and Chirchik lumber reserves, and has a total area of 668350 hectares, which makes it the largest nature protection complex in Uzbekistan. The National park was created to protect Tien-Shan highland woods and unique ecosystem, inhabited by multiple rare and endangered species of animals and plants. Its territory is a scene of permanent intensive research work on ecology of rare and endang..
Nurata National Reserve
The Nurata National Reserve is situated in the central part of the Nuratau Range. The reserve’s area is 17,752 ha. The Nurata Reserve was established in 1975 with the purpose of conserving the population of a rare endemic subspecies of Severtsov’s urial (Ovis ammon severtzovi) included in the Red Book of IUCN and the Red Book of Uzbekistan. The other goal of the reserve is to preserve the genetic variety of the walnut and other cultivated types of fruit, as the territory of the Nurata Reserve was acknowledged as one of the centres of plant cultivation in Central Asia. The Nuratau Ran..
Zeravshan National Reserve
The Zeravshan National Reserve is situated in the southeastern part of Samarkand province, in Jambay and Bulungur districts. The reserve begins from the Pervomayskaya dam near the border with Tajikistan and stretches along the right bank of the Zeravshan River to the Chapan-Ata hills 8 km from Samarkand. The Zeravshan National Reserve was established in 1975 with the purpose of conservation of riparian forests in the Zeravshan Valley. The reserve has the form of a narrow strip, from 300 to 1,500 km wide, stretching 47 km along the right bank of the river, with a total area of 2,352 ..
Hissar National Reserve
The Hissar National Reserve is situated in Kashkadarya province, Uzbekistan, on the western slopes of the Hissar Range, at an altitude ranging from 1,750 m to 4,349 m above sea level. From the east and southeast the reserve is bordered by Surkhandarya province, Uzbekistan, the borderline running along the ridge of the Hissar Range, from the north – by Tajikistan. The Hissar Reserve was established in 1983 through joining two independent mountain reserves – the Kyzylsuy Reserve and Miraki Reserve. As the territories of the two reserves were quite significant in area, the present-day Hissar Re..
Ecological Center Jeyran
Ecological Center "Jeyran" is one of the main attractions of ecotourism in Bukhara region of Uzbekistan. Eco centeris situatedin the south-west of Kizil-Kum desert, in 42 km from Bukhara and 12kmfrom Karaul-bazaar village, and covers the area of 20 thousands hectares. Ecocenter was formed on May 1977 as "Bukhara specialized nursery of breedinggoitered gazelle”(Gazellasubgutturossa). The breeding of rare species, studying of its biology and resource management populationare includedin nursery duties. In the following, the nursery began to breed other rare species – onager, saiga, Bukhar..
Chatkal National Reserve
The Chatkal National Reserve is situated in the western extremity of the Chatkal Range in the western Tien Shan. It consists of two separate sections, the Bashkyzylsay section (11,103 ha) and the Maydantal section (24,150 ha). The sections are separated by a distance of 20 km and are located on different slopes of the range: the first one on the southwestern slope and the second – on the northern slope. The Bashkyzylsay section occupies the mountain part of the Bashkyzylsay river basin, its altitudes ranging from 1,080 m to 3,265 m above sea level. The Maydantal section, with altitudes from ..
Surkhan National Reserve
The Surkhan National Reserve is situated in the northwestern part of Sherabad district, Surkhandarya province, Uzbekistan, and consists of two independent sections: Aral-Paygambar Island and the eastern slope of the Kugitang-tau Range. In 1971 a reserve was organised on Aral-Paygambar Island, 3,092 ha in area, with the purpose of conserving the ecosystem of the riparian forest and the natural population of the Bactrian deer, which had been included in the IUCN list and the Red Book of the former USSR. Recently, Aral-Paygambar Island has been transferred to the border protection services foll..
Nuratau Nature Reserve
Nurata-Aydarkul region – is one of the most interesting regions of Uzbekistan. Situating in Jizak and Navoi districts, at the border of great Kyzylkum Desert and Nurata Mountains, far from big cities, this region is a fine place for amateurs of ecologic, active and rural tourism. In this large region you will see all variety of landscapes of Uzbekistan – Nuratau and Aktau Mountains, foothills, steppe, desert and a huge Aydarkul Lake. You will discover a wonderful world of wild nature, meet with traditional way of life of local people in ancient mountain settlements. You will be waited ..
Lower Amudarya State Biosphere Reserve
The Lower Amudarya State Biosphere Reserve was established in Uzbekistan in 2013, and included the territory of the former Baday-Tugay National Reserve and some areas of Beruni and Amudarya districts of Karakalpakstan that had been transferred to the reserve, which made its total area equal to 68,717.8 ha. The reserve is situated in the lower course of the Amudarya, on its right bank, at the foothills of the Sultan-Uizdag Range. The territory has the form of an egg, elongated from southeast to northwest. The reserve’s southern border is formed by the Amudarya River and the Taldyk tugai (ripa..
The Kyzylkum National Reserve is situated in two provinces of Uzbekistan, Bukhara and Khoresm. The reserve stretches from northwest to southeast for about 30 km along the bank of the Amudarya, in a strip 3 km wide. The total area of the reserve is 10,311 ha, of which 1,467 ha are situated in Romitan district, Bukhara province, and 8,844 in Harazasp district, Khoresm province. The Kyzylkum reserve is a unique territory, a combination of riparian forest in the middle course of the Amudarya River and a typical sand desert. The climate is characterised by extremely dry air, gr..
Nature Reserves, National Parks and Other Conservation Areas in the Territory of Uzbekistan
It is hard to overestimate the role of reserves, national parks, wildlife preserves and nurseries created to protect the flora and fauna of Uzbekistan. There is a broad network of conservation areas in Uzbekistan covering a wide diversity of biocoenoses and ecosystems. Given below is the list of Uzbekistan reserves: - Chatkal National Reserve; - Hissar National Reserve; - Nurata National Reserve; - Surkhan National Reserve; - Zeravshan National Reserve; - Kyzylkum National Reserve; - Zaamin National Reserve; - Kitab National Reserve; - Lower Amudarya S..

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