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Turkmenbashi (former Krasnovodsk) - the only large port in entire Central Asia, which provides relations with the European countries. Surrounded from the east by the crescent of low mountains it looks into Caspian Sea turquoise- dark-blue waters in the west. Surrounding desert landscape is more similar to lunar. From this dusty and some sleepy city the majority of excursions to the mountains and seaside health resort towns begin. The Caspian Sea cost is famous for its remarkable sandy beaches, clean, transparent water, abundance of sea flora and fauna, that makes it possible to take pleasur..
Kunya-Urgench ("old Urgench") is architectural preserve and lies in 480 km to the north of Ashkhabad. This is an ancient capital of north Khorezm and was mentioned in Chinese scriptures already in I c. A.D. In the middle of VIII c. it falls under the authority of Arabs. In 995 y. Gurgandj (it obtained this name after Arab invasion) became the residence of Khorezm Shah and became the second largest city after Bukhara - the capital of Samanids’ empire. Being the large cultural and commercial center in middle ages, it gave shelter to Avicenna (Abu-Ali-ibn-Sino), Al-Beruni, Ibn-Battuta and to o..
There are two architectural and archaeological monuments – Old and New Nissa. The Old Nissa was the capital of Parthia, which existed and flourished more than 2000 years ago (from III c. B.C. to III c. A.D.). In that period Nissa was the strong fortress located on the hill with thick 8 meter walls and 43 towers, which surrounded the royal palace. The city arranged to the right of the basic commercial routes was adjacent to it. Old Nissa existed only till III c. B.C., when the territory was governed by Persian dynasty of Sasanids. New Nissa was populated more lately. The place was flourishing ..
Misrian plain is one of the most unusual places in the territory of Turkmenistan. Intensive construction was not conducted here. This land is not suitable for the agriculture. Therefore many monuments of history are being preserved here. The earliest signs of human activities on these former fertile lands relate to middle of II millennium B.C. In that period the largest settlings of ancient civilizations were located here: Madau-Depe, Izzatkuli and Tangsykyldja . There was the most powerful irrigating system in entire Central Asia. This historical region is widely known as Girkaniya. It flo..
The Margush was prosperous ancient kingdom in the region of Mari. Using the material of the latest archeological dig it can say the kingdom subsisted 5 thousand years ago. The people, lived there, were jacks-of-all-trades, they engaged in agriculture. The also had their written language. Thus historian proved the subsistence of this centre of an ancient civilization, equally with India, Egypt, Mesopotamia and China. The first agricultural settlements appeared in the delta of Murgab in VII thousands B.C. The fertile silt, bringing from the mountain, plenty of water and temperate hot climate cre..
Ashkhabad (Ashgabat) is the capital and the largest city of Turkmenistan, which name can be transferred as the "city of love". It is located in the south-west part of the country, in the extensive oasis, which lies at the foothills of Kopet-Dagh, on the very edge of hot desert. The city was formed, for the most part, in the beginning of XX century, around the Russian fortress, built in 1881 y. on the cross-road of caravan ways. In 1885 y. the branch of Caspian railroad was laid through the city, which gave the powerful impact to its development. During the sorrowful day on 6 October 1948, at ..
Turkemenistan visa information
To travel in Turkmenistan you should have travel visa. Travel visa is to be issued by Turkmenistan embassy after receiving of invitation letter made with request of travel agency on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan. To obtain invitation letter for travel visa (visa support letter) according to the demands of MFA of Turkmenistan we need the following client"s details: • Full name • Sex • Citizenship • Date & place of birth (Please indicate country and city of birth) • Passport number, date of issue and date of expire • Home stay (full address) • Place of..
Mary is the third large city in Turkmenistan (till 1937 y. - Merv). It is located in large oasis among Kara-Kum sands in Murgab river delta. Mary was based in 1884 y. as Russian military-administrative center in 30 kilometers from ancient Merv. Now it is the largest center of rich cotton-growing region, large transport hub and the main center of natural gas industry of the country - the basic source of income of Turkmenistan. The main sights are: the Museum of History with extensive collection of archaeological excavations, Turkmen carpets, national dressing, silver and excellent embro..
Embassies & consulate offices of Turkmenistan abroad
Embassies & consulate offices of Turkmenistan abroad # Country Address Code Phone Fax 1 Russia Moscow, Bolshaya Ordinka str., 64 +7 095 2374481, 2373364 - 2 Ukraine Kiev, Institutskaya str., 4 +38 044 2290308, 2290307 - 3 Belurussia Minsk, Starovilenskaya str., 57 +37 0172 349117, 344038 - 4 Uzbekistan Tashkent, Samatova str., 30 +998 71 1339841 1360534 - 5 Turkmenistan Ashgabad, Kerogli str., 14 +993 12 255506 - 6 Tadjikistan Dushanbe city +992 372 211932 - 7 Malaysia Kual..

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