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The Tajik portion of the Vakhan Valley ends in the large exotic village of Langar. Located at an elevation of 3,000 m above sea level, Langar is the highest village in the southern part of the Pamir Mountains. The weather there is cool and windy throughout. The place is surrounded on all sides by the 6,000-metre peaks of the Pamirs and Hindu Kush. Near Langar the Vakhandarya merges with the larger Pamir River to form the Panj. The village is highly popular among tourists: it is interesting from an ethnographic aspect and features an original tomb of a saint with an altar covered with numerous ..
Ihkashim, a small village of three streets stretching along the highway in the Panj Valley, is the administrative centre of Ishkashim District. The village is situated at the border with Afghanistan and its main attraction is the Afghan Bazaar organised on weekends in a neutral territory, on the other side of a bridge across the Panj. There people from a few nearby villages in both countries sell each other China-manufactured mass consumption goods. It is quite interesting to watch Afghan sellers and buyers in characteristic traditional clothes. There tourists can purchase authentic p..
Yamchun settlement
The village of Yamchun ranks as one of the most interesting tourist attractions in the Vakhan Valley. Yamchun is situated 90 km east of the administrative centre of the district, Ishkashim. Near the village you can find the strongest fortress of the Vakhan Valley, which stands on an elevated area protected on three sides by deep natural canyons. The stronghold was encircled by three rings of double walls up to 950 m long and up to 400 m wide. With 40 towers and a citadel in its most elevated part, the fortress was a truly impressive and majestic structure. Judging from the ruins of its walls a..
Vakhan Valley
Vakhan, the Vakhan Valley and the Vakhan Corridor are the different names for one of the most interesting places in the world. The picturesque valley is named so after the stream running on its bottom, the Vakhandarya, a tributary of the legendary Panj River flowing along Tajikistan's southwestern border, where Tajikistan is separated from Pakistan by a strip of Afghan land, narrow (between 20 km and 50 km) and long (200 km from the Tajik village of Ishkashim in the east to the Takmansudavan Pass on the Afghanistan-China border, in the west). Squeezed between the Pamir Mountains (Shakhdara and..
The village of Vrang is a wonderful place, the only one in the Pamir Mountains featuring a 4th-7th-century Buddhist cultic complex located on a high cliff above the village. The monument consists of a three-tier stone stupa in a yard enclosed in high walls with towers. Next to the stupa there are a number of artificial grottoes, the monks’ cells, dug in the steep slope of a mountain. According to experts, it was one of the centres of the Tibetan version of Buddhism. The Tajik portion of the Vakhan Valley ends in the large exotic village of Langar. Located at an elevation of 3,000 m above se..

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