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Gijduvan Gijduvan is a small (about 60 thousand people) district center of Bukhara region of Uzbekistan, located on the Samarkand-Bukhara highway 50 km east of Bukhara and 230 km west of Samarkand.

This historical (is mentioned in the historical scrolls from X century) village is famous for its potters, juicy Gijduvan kebabs, which have become a popular brand in Uzbekistan, a colorful bazaar where you can buy delicious halvah, apricot pits baked in the ashes (Shurdanak).
People of Gijduvan are proud of AbdulkhalikGijduvani (XII century)- a philosopher, theoretic of one of the 12 lines of Sufi, whose worldview was takes as a basic of the powerful medieval Sufi tarikat (order) Nakshbandiya. Today, on the place of his burial in the historical center Gijduvan, next to medrese of Ulugbek (XV), the original memorial is built.

But the most interesting place in Gijduvan is the pottery workshop of Alisher and Abdulla ceramist brothers, from the famous dynasty of ceramists Nazrullaevs. Here, together with their sons and grandsons, they create a truly ceramic-masterpieces: jogs, lyagans, plates, pialas etc. In the workshop, tourists will get acquaintedwith the whole process of pottery:from preparation of clay, modeling on a potter's wheel, painting to the preparation of glaze and roasting of finished products in the stove. Tourists can participate in master class in pottery and signing the products.

Also, you can find here a small museum of dynasty (8 generations) with the products of the patriarchs of the dynasty, photo, and documents. Also, there is a show room, where you can buy unique products. In the courtyard you can also have lunches / dinners with dishes of famous Gijduvan cuisine.Moreover, in the workshop of the potters, there is a national guest house where tourists can get accommodated and get to know the art, traditions and original culture of the local people.

Ceramics of Gijduvan
Ceramics of Uzbek craftsmen
Museum of ceramics of Gijduvan

Gijduvan photos

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