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Emin (Imin) Minaret

Emin (Imin) Minaret

Minaret of Turpan ruler Suleiman / Pagoda Sugun is the largest ancient Muslim tower in Xinjiang and throughout China. Emin Minaret is the most impressive architectural structure of Turfan. Emin Minaret is remarkable as a monument of Muslim architecture, it was conceived by Turfan Emin ruler in gratitude to the Chinese emperor Tsyanlun (1736-1795) for the mercy shown them. But Emin couldn’t complete the construction fails, the minaret was completely rebuilt by his son - Prince Suleiman in 1778. Minaret reaches a height of 40 meters, has a dome shape with a diameter at the base of 10 meters. The mosaic brickwork forms more than 10 different ornaments. A helical staircase is in the center of minaret, on which you can climb to the top of the building. The upper part of the minaret is a gazebo, where you can survey the neighborhood. The tower of minaret is organically combined with the Muslim Mosque, forming an unified architectural ensemble. This monument is a fine example of Uighur religious architecture, which was declared a protected monument of national importance.

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