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Several scenic areas near Urumqi

Several scenic areas near Urumqi

Nanshansk Wildlife Preservation is located in 50 km to the south of Urumqi and it is a part of Urumqi - Nanshansk landscaped area. You can come here for the whole day and stay overnight, spend time for hiking or horseback excursions. There are several picturesque gorges in the Wildlife Preservation. 40 meters high waterfall is in one of them, a noisy mountain river is in another one, deer, rabbits and other animals live in the third one. You will walk there about an hour, but the surrounding beauty does not let you to feel tired. You can stop there for rest and have some food in the yurts of locals. Many travelers rent yurts and stay there for the night.

The landscape area "Mountain curtain" is located in 80 km. to the south of Urumqi in a mountain gorge Krauchen. A stone rock stands at the entrance of the valley, it looks like a screen, which usually stands at the entrance of courtyards in Chinese architectural ensembles. That is why this landscape area took the name «Mountain Curtain". A clear mountain river flows along the bottom of Krauchen valley, Alpine meadows and thick woods spread along wide slopes.

The landscape area Shuymogou is located in 5 km to the northeast of Urumqi, among four scenic hills and Shuymogou River. Forest stretch on the banks of the river, hot springs strike from the ground, all time the water temperature is 28-30 Celsius degrees. Sources water contains potassium, sodium, magnesium, nitrogen, radon, zinc and other minerals. Sources water is useful for rheumatism and skin diseases, and it can be use like mineral water. The massage and physiotherapy center was built here in 1982; the equipment for it was purchased in Japan. Many tourists come here for medical treatment, a heathen temple and pavilions have completed the landscape. The territory of the district was widened and cleared up and became the most popular holiday destination for last years. Many tourists come here during the hottest days in summer. The only golf club "Mount Xuelian" was built in Xinjiang.

Fans of skiing can visit the ski resorts in "Golden Spring Valley", which is located in 65 km. to the south-west of Urumqi. Ski season lasts here for 5 months. More than 30 km of ski runs are equipped and ski competitions are held in this resort.

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