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Erdaogiao Bazaar

Erdaogiao Bazaar

This is the central and largest bazaar of the city. Bazaar was reconstructed and completed in 2003 in Islamic style, and it looks like a huge palace with towers and domes. On over 1 million square meters area tourists can buy all sorts of souvenirs in many shops - Kashgar knives, cutting even the metal nail, Yangisar daggers, Khotan jade, Khotan and Kashgar handmade carpets, embroidered skullcaps, traditional clothes, silk scarves, the national musical instruments, national gold jewelry, of semi-precious stones. Fruit shops is worth to visit, where you can fell a famous fragrance of melons from Hami, Turpan grapes and raisins (kish mish), pears from Korl, Kashgar grenades, Gulja apples, tropical fruit from South China. Here you can enjoy Xinjiang cuisine, which is preparing right before your eyes, taste some lamb, grilled in tandoor (a national clay oven), taste the wine from the mulberry. In evening, the bazaar turns into the outdoor concert hall, where local artists sing and dance for you in their national costumes. Tourists can see the performance of famous and fearless rope-walker, at a push.

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