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The Margush was prosperous ancient kingdom in the region of Mari. Using the material of the latest archeological dig it can say the kingdom subsisted 5 thousand years ago. The people, lived there, were jacks-of-all-trades, they engaged in agriculture. The also had their written language. Thus historian proved the subsistence of this centre of an ancient civilization, equally with India, Egypt, Mesopotamia and China. The first agricultural settlements appeared in the delta of Murgab in VII thousands B.C. The fertile silt, bringing from the mountain, plenty of water and temperate hot climate created here the favorable conditions for growing of grain-crops.

Among the sands of the West Karakum the archeologists discovered the ruins of monumental strongholds and temples, which can complete with the constructions of Assyria and Babylon in dimensions.
In 1992 the archeological digs uncover a huge necropolis Gonur-Depe. In the burial place the plentiful goods of utensils, mirrors, cosmetic vessels, silver knick-knackery, alabaster and ceramic vases and multitude other goods, which age is III thousand B.C. were discovered, which is evidence once more of wide dealerships spreading of ancient civilizations with other Centralasian regions.

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