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Nurata sights

Nurata sights

Unique Nurata region is located in the central part of Uzbekistan in the Navoi province. This relatively small territory confined by the Nurata Ridge of mountains in the southeast and the desert of Kyzyl Kum in the northwest comprises a number of interesting tourist objects – from monuments of Muslim culture in small town of Nurata to enormous Aydarkul Lake in the desert, from mountain gorges of the Nurata Nature Reserve to ancient petrogliphs of the enigmatic Sarmysh Gorge.
Up there in the mountain and desert villages life of inhabitants did not changed much over centuries. And the highlanders preserved their lifestyle and genuine kindness and sincere hospitality of their forbearers.
There for the purpose of nature conservation and biodiversity preservation the Narata-Kyzylkum Biospheric Reserve has been created.

Aydarkul lake
The Aydarkul Lake with its more than 3,000 km2 water surface is the largest fresh water lake in Uzbekistan. The lake is manmade and is regarded as ...
The Village of Sentab and the Sentabsay Gorge
The village of Sentab is situated on the southern slopes of the Nurata Range close to the Nurata State Reserve, Navoi province. Since the 5th centu...
The Mountain Villages (Kishlaks) of Farish District
There are many tourists who wish to learn more about the life of local people. The most suitable for that purpose are the mountain villages of Asraf, ...
Yurt camp Safari
The Safari yurt camp is situated 5 km from the western shore of the Aydar Lake, near the village of Dongelek lost in sands in the very heart of the Ky...
Sarmysh - petrogliphs park
Sarmysh is a gallery of rock paintings in the open air. The Sarmysh gorge situated on the southern slopes of the Karatau range, 40 km northeas...
Nurata today is just a small 40,000 population big town, administrative centre of the district. But it had seen days of glorious past of which remin...

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