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Settlement Gaochang

Settlement Gaochang

The ancient Gaochang town (forty six kilometers on south-east from Turpan near Yalkun Tag mountains (flaming Mountain)) was built in the first century BC, as a military outpost, a key town on Great Silk road. Before VII с. it was ruling city of over 21 cities. Many of Buddha temples were saved. The Kindom Karahodja was founded here in IX century. It was existed for 1400 years. It was destroyed in XIII century.

But from XIV century the town, which name was transformed in Karahodja under influence of Islam, now is situated in ruins. But in spite of 5 centuries, the parts of glorious capital of ancient kingdom impress the visitors today not less (may be more) than during Apofeos `s time. The houses, where not only the walls saved, also the codes, streets, palaces and temples, all of these are yields to identifications, in spite of the clay-which was the main single building material in these places. Today here you can see the foundation of battlement and parts of constructions. The town is divided in three parts: the outside town has the form of unequalateral tetragon, the length on circumferences is 5 km, height of the clay wall is 11 meters, thickness is 12 meters. Inside town is situated between the line of Outside town and Palace district. A lot of multiple foundations of buildings are saved here. According to historical chronicles, Gaochang town had 12 irons gates, the parts of these gates you can see today. According to saved parts of the town building , Gaochang had been building according to plan, it`s plan had provide division of town on districts of different purposes: administrative-official, production- craft, trade, vein and cult-temple. Also we should remain a grandiose Buddha priory which is situated in south-west part of the town. This priory occupied 10 thousand km sq. Here also the smallest Buddha priory and single underground Buddha priory situated in Chine town. Today visitors can imagine the picture of activity life of Gaochang`s people in their mind, which was continued for many centuries: trade caravans, which were done in day and stopped to sleep in the evening. The prayers were heard from the walls of Buddha priory. In 1961 year Gaochang town was declared by government as a historical monument of state.

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