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Sunday Market

Sunday Market

Sunday Bazaar, in Uygur means "farm trade market." The bazaar in Kashgar is the biggest in central Asia. As early as two thousand years ago, it was the collecting and distributing center of goods. Nowadays, it has become even more busy. On bazzar day every Sunday, the traffic gets heavy on every road with crowds upon crowds of market-goers coming in from all directions . There is on the bazaar just about everything you"d expect to find, such as various special local products, handicrafts, articles of daily use , fruits and vegetables as well as means of production and all kinds of domestic animals. Riding donkeys or driving carts, farmers from the suburbs get downtown by early morning. It is really a scene of prosperity with cheerful laughers and brisk buying and selling everywhere. The fascinating part is animal section. Here you will see test-driven of hores, bargaining and more. After that you will get a feeling that nothing changes over the centuries.
Best time for visiting: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Kashgar Time two hours ahead of Beijing time.

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