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Tours to Aral sea

Tours to Aral sea

Tours to the Aral Sea are highly popular today. Tourists are attracted by the beauty of its precipitous shore, the incredible sunsets and the possibility to swim in the disappearing sea and to see the cemetery of ships in the former port of Muynak. The difficult road to the Aral Sea (it takes a whole day to cover the 550 km from Nukus to Cape Aktumsyk) is also very interesting. On the way tourists can stop at beautiful Sudochye lake to take some pictures of the littoral landscapes and the huge amounts of birds gathering there, and at ancient Sak burial grounds near the village of Urta. Tourists can also travel across the wild Ustyurt plateau and enjoy a unique nature of the region.

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On Jeeps to Aral Sea through Kyzyl-kums

Country: Uzbekistan
Type of tour: jeep tour, off-road tour
Season: March - November
Duration: 15 days
The itinerary: Tashkent - Kyzyl Kum desert - Nukus - Aral Sea - Bukhara - Samarkand

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