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Ski resorts Chimgan and Beldersay

Ski resorts Chimgan and Beldersay

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Ski resorts Chimgan and Beldersay

The itinerary: Tashkent – Chimgan – Beldersay – Tashkent

"Chimgan" and "Beldersay" are popular ski resorts in Uzbekistan and are situated just in 80 km from Taskent – the capital of Uzbekistan on the altitude of 1500 m above sea level in the mountains of South-West Tien-Shan. "Chimgan" is recommended for family rest and for junior skiers. "Beldersay" - for more experienced skiers. Clear air, soft winter climate, picturesque vicinity, long ski fast tracks, comfortable hotels, stable sunny weather, the absence of queues on ski lifts, good conditions for free ride, back country and heliski.

"Beldersay" is a popular mountain ski resort. It is situated in Gazalkent area of Tashkent region, just in 80 km from Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan and in 5 km from "Chimgan", the other mountain ski resort.
High quality lifts and mountain ski fast tracks have been built on resort territory. There are two lift lines: double-chair lift (length is 2.5 km, lifting time is ~ 24 min, altitude drop is 565 m, lifting cost is ~1 $) and hook lift (length is ~1 km, lifting time is ~ 5 min, altitude drop is 200 m, lifting cost is ~0.5$, day skipass is ~ 12 $).
Hook lift looks like the continuation of double-chair lift and is situated only 100 m higher than upper station of the line. The small cafe with snakes, hot tea, coffee and beverages is at the lower station.
The "Beldersay" mountain ski fast track is the best CIS sport track and complies with FIS standards demand. The fast track length is 3017 m, altitude drop is 765 m, average slope is 26° (maximum slope is 52°). The absolute height of the fast track peak is 2350 m.

"Chimgan" mountain ski resort is the most popular ski resort in Uzbekistan. The resort is intended for mass rest. There are ‘apr-ski’ entertainments, cafe, bar, sauna, billiards, disco and etc. Mainly fast tracks are ‘red’ and ‘blue’ stretching to 150 km. Double-chair lift stretches to 800 m, has altitude 385 m drop. The lifting time is approximately 10 min and costs approximately 1 $. Hook lift stretches on 570 m and has 250 m amplitude drop. The lifting time is 10 min and costs approximately 0.5 $.

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