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Chil-Ustun Cave

Chil-Ustun Cave

Chil-Ustun Cave is located on the south-west of Kyrgyzstan in Osh Mountains, in 3,5 km from Aravan settlement.

A huge entrance in the cave in the form of arc with a height of 15 m and a length of basement ~ 25 m is located in the rocky group on almost plumb wall (the height under the say’s bottom) at the altitude of 1100 m.a.s.l. It’s necessary to have a definite knack and alpinist insurance is preferable to get the entrance along the steep oblique rock.

The cave has been known since ancient times, Arabian inscriptions on the walls are evidence of it.

The cave consists of 3 halls of different volume, connected with corridors and narrow man-holes. The most far and biggest (the length is 85 m, the width is to 40 m, the height is to 20 m) in addition hall is the most beautiful.  

Tiff accumulated forms (stalactites, stalactites stalagnates (columns) amount to 50-metered of height). Wandering kars of quaint forms of different colors from white and cream to dark-brown create a unique fairy interior of the hall. The length of the cave is 380 m.

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