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Nodir Devon Begi madrasah. Folk show.

Nodir Devon Begi madrasah. Folk show. Nodir Devon Begi madrasah is located in historical center of Bukhara- Lyabi Hauz. It was built by the vizier(prime minister) of Bukhara Imam kulikhan in the beginning of XVII century, madrasah still keeps its luxurious colored majolica, by which, not only the outside but the inside walls are painted. But the most amazing and mysterious part is that, there is a bright panel of the entrance portal on which 2 birds–Simurg fly towards human-sun holding in its paws whether fallow deer or piglets. The interesting part is that, Islam forbids drawinga human or an animal.

In the meantime, souvenir shops and workshops of thecraftsmen are locatedinside the madrasah.However, each day in the evening there is a folk show held in the yard. Tourists can enjoy the art of musicians and dancers of the folk ensemble “Bukhorcha”. The musicians demonstrate their virtuous art of playing the national instruments like doira, chang, soz, nai, gidjak and others. And the beautiful dancers in the bright clothes not only dance the Uzbek classic dances but the traditional dances of other regions and nations of Uzbeksitan- Bukhara zamin-bozy, lyazgi from Khorezm, tanovar from Fergana valley, Tajik and Arab dances.

During the brakes of the folk show, fashion designers of Bukhara demonstrate their ideas. All of the clothes are made of Uzbek national fabrics, silk, adras, velvet and combine the modern fashion with Uzbek national motives. After the show, tourists can buy the clothes they liked.

The duration of the folk show: 45 minutes

By the request, tourists are offered a delicious meal that includes dishes from Uzbek cuisine (pilav, manty, dymlama, mastava, samsa and others), and traditional tea with eastern sweets.

Nodir Devon Begi madrasah. Folk show. photos

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