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Музей-мастерская бухарских кукол

Музей-мастерская бухарских кукол Workshop-museum of Bukhara dolls.
Walking in the central historical square you cannot miss the amazing small and cozy workshop-museum of Bukhara dolls made of paper mache.

The museum is established by IskanderKhakimov, who revived the nearly forgotten art of making traditional Bukhara dolls and who collected the ancient artifacts, documents and photos piece by piece.

Right from the threshold, tourists enter the amazing atmosphereof eastern tails and legends.
On the walls and shelves you can find wonderful dolls Ali-Baba with all of his 40 colleagues-robbers, Uzbek boogyman (yalmauzkampyr), emir of Bukhara and his guards, greedy bay (rich) and peasant, astrologer and cheerful merchant, Alladin with his magic lamp and Uzbek beauties.

The owner of the museum not only will tell you about the history of dolls and the transformation of just a paper, glue and pieces of fabrics turn into a masterpiece, but also will show you a mini-concert. Dollsmagicallybecome “alive” anddance.

It is interesting that many tourists find the faces of some dolls similar to their own or their acquaintances, neighbors, relatives and buy them these dolls as a present.

The dolls of master Khakimov and his students demonstrate at republican and international exhibitions and festivals, participate in theatres and give people a fairytale.

Tourists can buy any doll they liked in the museum.

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