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In the north of Kazakhstan, between the cities of Astana and Kokshetau is an amazing region, a real oasis among the Kazakh steppes - Burubay. Geographically, this place is called Kokshetau Upland, and local guides call it "Kazakhstan Switzerland".

The highest point of the area is Kokshetau mountain (Blue Mountain) and on the south, there is Burabay (“Camel”) mountain (690 m) which has a perfect panoramic view. And further on the southern side, there are Shchuchinsk hills, from which the biggest is called Jeke-batyr (lonely warrior) (826m). But the pearl of Burubay are the lakes, which are located among the forests surrounded by the mountains. There many of them: Shchuchye, Burubay, Big and Small Chebachi and Kotyrkol. From the crest of Kokshetau there are also small lakes: Svetloe, Karasie, Mountainous, Swan.

The most famous part of the Burubay is Blue Gulf. Right under water of the gulf comes out the Jumbaktas rock (the Riddle Rock), that resembles the great Sphinx and with the rock Oak-Zhetpes (the Arrow does not reach) on the background of wooded slopes, a peak resembling an elephant. Here,  every name of the place has its legend. Sphinx, for example, is very interesting with that, if you will look from different points of view, you will see a girl with flying hair, than a woman and then an old woman.

Borovoy is better than any fairy tale, the combination of mountains, coniferous forests and lakes creates not only the unique and wonderful outlook of the landscape, but also a special climate that is very helpful for a health. You can find here a lot of sanatoriums, tourist bases and boarding houses with all of the attributes of the resort: restaurants, bars, shops and clubs.


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