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Caves of Kyrgyzstan

Caves of Kyrgyzstan

For million years, in the mountains of Central Asia, a lot of caves were formed, each of which is unique in its own way. They differ from each other by their size and depth, geological resources, in which they are formed, braided by many kilometers of labyrinths, bottomless abysses and the miraculous beauty of the underground halls.

Caves are usually formed in readily soluble geological rocks (limestone, gypsum, chalk, salt). Rain and snow waters, penetrating through barely noticeable cracks deep into the earth, micron per micron dissolve the rock, sometimes forming colossal underground halls and many kilometers of labyrinths. Water is not only the creator of caves, but also an inexhaustible decorator, decorating ceilings and walls with fancy curtains and flowers.

Caves- are, probably, the only geographical objects on earth, that were not observed completely and still keep many secrets (different from mountains, absolute heights of which are already known).

In Kyrgyzstan, there are not so many caves as in neighboring Uzbekistan, but nevertheless there are several interesting caves here. First of all, it is the historical Chil-Ustun cave. Also, the Victory Cave (Osh hills) - the deepest cave in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyz speleologists have not abandoned the idea to pass through the ice hollows of the Inylchek glacier, through which the Merzbacher lake merges. From time to time there are not many enthusiastic speleologists who continue expeditions to various parts of Kyrgyzstan, in particular, to a promising area near the lake Kel-Su (Kokshaal-Tau ridge) near the Kyrgyz-Chinese border.

Caves of Kyrgyzstan with the depth of more than 100 m and with the length of more than 500 m.
Name Depth, m Length, m
Kan – I - Gut    
Fersmana 220 4580

“Legendary” caves and grottoes of Kyrgyzstan
Chil - Ustun

Other caves
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