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Safari Park (Tien Shan Reserve of Wildlife)

Safari Park (Tien Shan Reserve of Wildlife)

Tien Shan Zoo Safari is the largest one in China. Its area is 75 sq. km. Safari Park is located in 40 km from Urumqi. Visitors of the park ride in special electric vehicles. 170 different kinds of animals – over 3000 species in total - are collected in this zoo. There are exotic animals also: giraffes, lions, tigers, elephants, hippos and rhinos, snow leopards, Siberian tigers, etc. In 2008 a new occupant - panda settled in the reserve. Therefore, you need not to fly to south China for admiring these wonderful animals, visit Urumqi simply. You can visit parrots show and a huge open-air cage with monkeys, where they move freely. And the most important - this nature reserve is situated in magnificent mountain scenery.

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