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Xinjiang State Museum

Xinjiang State Museum

Xinjiang State Museum is one of the oldest, largest and most interesting museums in China and Central Asia. More than 50 thousand unique historical artifacts from all over Xinjiang are exposed here. The total area of showrooms is 7800 square meters.

You can see the traditions and culture of local people; study their national costumes, everyday life, wedding and funeral ceremonies, national cuisine, religion and other customs in the Hall of ethnography.

More than thousands of valuable items of ancient culture and art are exposed In the Hall of historical and archaeological monuments. They were found during excavations along the Great Silk Road. Some artifacts of this collection are more than 5,000 years old; they are brocade satin fabrics and fine silk, pottery, terracotta, coins, manuscripts, books, weapons, musical instruments and many other artifacts.

The Hall of ancient mummies is the most interesting one. Here you can see dozens of mummies, the famous mummy of a beauty Louyan. It is proved that it is more than 3,800 years old. Nearby there is a wax figure, which shows alive Louyan.

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