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Ecological Center Jeyran

Ecological Center Jeyran

Ecological Center "Jeyran" is one of the main attractions of ecotourism in Bukhara region of Uzbekistan. Eco centeris situatedin the south-west of Kizil-Kum desert, in 42 km from Bukhara and 12kmfrom Karaul-bazaar village, and covers the area of 20 thousands hectares. Ecocenter was formed on May 1977 as "Bukhara specialized nursery of breedinggoitered gazelle”(Gazellasubgutturossa).

The breeding of rare species, studying of its biology and resource management populationare includedin nursery duties. In the following, the nursery began to breed other rare species – onager, saiga, Bukharan deer, Przewalski"s horse, houbara bustard and cheetah. In 1998 the nursery was renamed to Ecocenter "Jeyran",because of broadening of activities and achievements in the field of breeding.Currently, the main activity of Ecocenter is a breeding the rare species of animals, studying their biology, creating a genetic bank of rare species of animals, bred for the implementation needs of zoos and private collections.

Today in Ecocenter viable populations are created, numbering more than 700 goitered gazelles, 56 onagers, 21 Przewalski"s horses. The area, which is chosen for the project, has a unique biodiversity. It is represented by 29 species of mammals, 260 bird species, 21 reptile kinds, two species of amphibians, 15 species of fish and more than 300 species of invertebrates. Some of them are included in international and national Red Books:

Mammals: Brandt"s hedgehog (Erinaceushupamelas), goitered gazelle (Gazellasubgutturossa), koulan (Eguushemionus), Przewalski"s horse (Eguusprzewalskii), Bokharan wild sheep (Ovisvigneibocharensis), markhor.

Birds: European white pelican (Pelekanusonocrotalus), Dalmatian pelican (Pelekanuscrispus), little cormorant (Phalacrocoraxpygmeus), little egret (Egrettagarzetta), pond heron (Ardeolaralloides), Turkestan white stork (Ciconiaciconiaasiatica), black stork (Ciconianigra), spoonbill (Platalealeucorodia), glossy ibis (Piegadisfalcinellus), flamingo (Phoenicoptervsroseus), mute swan (Cygnus olor), crying swan (Cygnus), lesser white-fronted goose (Ansererythropus), marbled duck (Marmaronettaangustirostris, white-eyed pochard (Aythyanyrosa), fish hawk (Pandionhaiiaetus), whitetail sea eagle (Haliaeetusalbicilla), griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus), black vulture (Aegypiusmonachus), serpent eagle (Circaetusgallicus), pale harrier (Circus macrourus),steppe eagle (Aquila nipalensis), imperial eagle (Aguilaheliacal), Bonelli"s eagle (Hieraaetusfasciatus), lesser kestrel (Falco naumanni), saker falcon (Falco milvipes), peregrine (Falco peregrinus), barbary falcon (Falco babylonicus), houbara bustard (Chlamydotisundulata).

Reptiles: desert monitor (Varanusgriseus), Afghan litorinh (Lythorhynchus ridgeway).

Fish: big Amu-dar shovelnose (Pseudoscaphirhynchuskaufmanni), silvereye (Abramissapa), asp (Aspioluciusesocinus), Turkestanbarbel (Barbusconocephalu), Aral shipovka (Sabanejewiaaralensis).

Insects: assassin bugs(Reduviusfedtschenkianus), Turkestan skarit (Scaritesturkestanicus), tugaiborer (Eurythyreaoxiana), Solomonian borer (Ancylocheirasalomonii), Hlorion regal (Chlorion regale), striking eremohares (Eremochares mirabilis).

Several thematic tours – safaris are worked out for tourists in Ecocenter. Tourists can observe rare animals, feedyoung animals in large aviaries and at free areas. It is paradise for ornithologists and entomologists in spring time.

In the future, it is supposed to breed other Uzbekistan rare animals in Ecocenter for saving and restoring country"s biodiversity. They are: Bokharan wild sheep, markhor, saiga, Bukharan deer, hyena and cheetah.
It is planning to createa special National Park on the basis of Ecocenter.

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