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"Boysun Bakhori" (Baisun Spring) International Folk Festival

"Boysun Bakhori" (Baisun Spring) International Folk Festival

Baisun is the centre of a district in Surkhandarya province located 150 km north of the city of Termez in the south of Uzbekistan. This green and cosy town rests at the foot of the Ketmen-Chapty Mountains in the Baisuntau Range. What makes the town famous is that each family in Baisun is keen to preserve ancient rituals, traditions and customs originating from the pre-Islamic pagan culture and pass them from generation to generation. That was the place where akyns (folk poets and singers) composed heroic epic Alpomysh a thousand years ago. Baisun is a region where an authentic musical culture consisting of a series of rituals, musical performances and dances has developed. This resulted in the inclusion of the cultural spaces of Baisun District and 19 other regions across the world in the UNESCO World Intangible Heritage List.

Baisun is particularly beautiful in spring, which is why every year it becomes the scene of the Boysun Bakhori (Baisun Spring) International Folk Festival. In 2019 the event will be held on 27-28 April.

A yurt camp organised amidst the picturesque hills near Baisun will receive folk bands, poets (bakhshi) and storytellers (akyns) from all over the southern part of Uzbekistan and some neighbouring countries, such as Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Craftsmen will present their items and deliver master classes. The most delicious dishes of the traditional Uzbek cuisine will be cooked in large cauldrons right in the site. The festival will also feature traditional games and amusements, such as kurash belt wrestling, buzkashi, sheep and cock fighting, horse races and so on. Brave rope-walkers will demonstrate their art high above the ground. A gala concert will feature popular Uzbek performers.

Tourists can attend this colourful event and even take part in dances and master classes.

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