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Nukus sights

Nukus sights

Nukus is the capital of Karakalpakstan autonomous republic that is located in the north-west of Uzbekistan. The distance from Tashkentapo by the straight line is 800 km, by the highway it is 1300 km.

Nukus is famous among tourists thanks to Savitskiy State museum of art, that is in top 2 in the world for its collection of paintings Russian and soviet artists-avangard, wonderful historical-ethnographical collection of Karakalpak region.

Also, tourists are interested in the ancient Mizdakhan necropolis and ruins of ancient Gyaur-kala fortress.

In 45 km to the southeast of Nukus there is an interesting historical object - the Zoroastrian dakhma Chylpik (Shylpik).

Nukus is the starting point of expeditions to Aral sea and ship graveyard in Muinak

Savitsky Museum – The Pearl of the Aral Region
The Savitsky State Museum of Arts, also known as the Karakalpak State Museum of Arts, is situated in Nukus, the capital of Karakalpakstan, and is one ...
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Muynak is a small village in the northwest of Uzbekistan, situated 220 km from Nukus, the capital of Karakalpakstan. Some 30 years ago it was a smal...

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