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Salt Lake

Salt Lake

Local people call Salt Lake -"Chinese dead sea". The area of this lake is 54 square km and it is located in 70 km from Urumqi on the east part of Chayvopusk cavity at the southern foot of Tien Shan Mountains. Its water contains salts and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, copper, sulfur, calcium, sodium with density of 21.5 grams per liter of water. In water with such high density, even those, who cannot swim, are in absolute safety. This area is rich in therapeutic mud also. And this is the best medicine and cosmetics, because of more than 10 beneficial minerals. A special complex is built on the shore of the lake, which includes: the indoor swimming pool with salt water and a salt cave. A very beautiful theme park is located near the lake, where you can study everything about the ancient extraction of salt. A huge salt mountain is situated not far from the shore, its height is 20 meters and area is 7200 sq. m. The weight of the mountain is 60 thousand tons. Since 2003, Salt Lake is listed in «The golden tourist line", which includes Tien - Chi Lake and Turfan city.

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