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Sights of Tajikistan

Sights of Tajikistan

Tajikistan- is amazing and unique country. All of its territory consists of mountains, thus, most of the famous places here are mountain landscapes, mountain tops and peaks, lakes, hot springs, settlements and villages in intermountain valleys, high mountain deserts in Badakhshan.

Natural sights of Tajikistan:

- Mountain Badakhshan
- Fan mountain
- Fedchenko glacier
- Iskanderkul lake
- Samani peak (Communism)
- K. Marks peak
- Sarez lake

Tajikistan is the country with an ancient culture.Ruins of ancient buildings testify that city settlements occurred here for already 4-4,5 thousand years. Among the preserved historical monuments there are world-famous Penjikent, Sarazm and Agipa-Tepa. Also, no less famous monuments as Istravshan (ancient Kiropol) and Khodjent (the ancient Alexandria-Eschata).

Historical places of the city and architectural monuments of Tajikistan:

- Penjikent
- Dushanbe
- Murgab
- Khorog
- Khojent
- Istravshan
- Kaakhka fortress
- Yamchun fortress
- Mountain settlements

Applied art, ethnography and national cuisine of Tajikistan will be a great of an interest for tourists.

Culture and traditions of Tajikistan

- National holidays and festivals
- Applied art
- National cuisine of Tajikistan


Khodjent is an ancient Central Asian city. It is also the second largest city in Tajikistan, situated in the northern part of the country on the Sirda...
Khorog has been a part of Tajikistan since 1932 and today it is the center of the Mountain-Badakhshan autonomous region. It is situated at an altitude...
Mountain Badakhshan
The Mountain Badakhshan (GBAO) is a marvelous mountain country. There are only two similar places over the world: Tibet and Bolivia high mountains. Yo...
Fann Mountains
The Wonderful Fann Mountains – the Most Popular Region in Tajikistan. The Fann Mountains is the country of turquoise lakes, breathtakingly high pea...
The Tajik portion of the Vakhan Valley ends in the large exotic village of Langar. Located at an elevation of 3,000 m above sea level, Langar is the h...
Ihkashim, a small village of three streets stretching along the highway in the Panj Valley, is the administrative centre of Ishkashim District. The...
About 15 km west of Ishkashim, near the village of Namanguti, you will find the famous Kaahka, one of the most ancient fortresses (3rd century BC-7th ...
Pendjikent city is situated in the valley of the Zarafshan river, 68 km south-east of Samarkand and 320 km south-west of Khodjikent. In the south-east...
Istravshan (Ura-Tyube)
Ura-Tyube is one of the ancient cities of Central Asia, sprang up more than 2500 years ago. The city is situated at an altitude of about 1000m above s...
Since 1991 Dushanbe (former Stalinabad and the capital of ex-Tajik SSR since 1925) has been the capital of sovereign Tajikistan. It is a rather young ...
Yamchun settlement
The village of Yamchun ranks as one of the most interesting tourist attractions in the Vakhan Valley. Yamchun is situated 90 km east of the administra...
Vakhan Valley
Vakhan, the Vakhan Valley and the Vakhan Corridor are the different names for one of the most interesting places in the world. The picturesque valley ...
The village of Vrang is a wonderful place, the only one in the Pamir Mountains featuring a 4th-7th-century Buddhist cultic complex located on a high c...

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