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Tashkurgan is a small and cosy town, - the administrative center of Tajik autonomous district in China"s Xinjiang. It is situated in a broad valley, which is surrounded by snowy peaks of Pamir (the altitude is above 3,000 meters) in 230 kilometers to the south of the legendary Kashgar. There are only three streets in the town, with neat one- and two- storied houses among green high Lombardy poplars. The name Tashkurgan (is translated from Uighur - "stone hill, stone castle") came of the ancient fortress rising above the city on the high hill. This fortress is over 2,000 years old and it is very important and well-preserved ancient architectural monument in Pamir. Ptolemy and Marco Polo have mentions about the Stone tower. From the high walls of the fortress to the east s you can see the idyllic picture of the valley with a meandering river, grazing sheep, cows, horses and Tajik yurts. And all of these are situated opposite of the background snow-capped mountains. You can see cemeteries, mausoleums, shrines and smaller mosques closer to the mountains.

Usually, tourists visit Tashkurgan by transit on the way to Pakistan, which border is situated on the pass Kunjerab (4800 m) in 120 km from Tashkurgan. But, if you have 1.5 free days, we recommend you to visit Tashkurgan. The road (Karakarum Highway) from Kashgar to Tashkurgan is incredibly beautiful, and it runs close to Karakul Lake, Kongur peak (7719 m.), a huge snow - ice massif Muztag Ata (7546 m). Tourists can see breathtaking views of mountain pastures with herds of camels and yaks from the car windows.

The population of Tashkurgan consists of the Chinese, Tajiks and Uighurs. Tajik women wear the remarkable head wears- cylindrical hats covered with a handkerchief. Tourists are able to visit Tajik traditional house and to get acquainted with the lifestyles of local’s. In the evening we recommend you to visit the famous show with folk dance of “eagles”.

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