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Tien-shi Lake (Heaven Lake)

Tien-shi Lake (Heaven Lake)

Tien-Chi lake (Heaven Lake) is situated in 120 kilometers from Urumqi in picturesque Tien Shan mountains at 1980 meters altitude above sea level. Its length is 3.3 km, and at its widest point is 1.5 km. The area of the lake is 4.9 km ², the maximum depth is 105 meters. The moon-shaped lake has a glacial origin. In ancient times Tien-Chi lake was called Shi Yao (Jade Lake). The water is so clear and transparent that you can see its bottom. But the water temperature is very low even in high summer. In summer it is especially beautiful place: green carpet of grass, bright flowers and snowy peak of Bogdo are around the lake. Water in the lake changes its color from light blue to emerald green before your eyes, and during cloudy day it becomes green. Tourists can not only admire the spectacular views of the lake, but also walk on the "floating palace" or along the shore, which is covered with pines and spruces. Here you can taste dishes of national cuisine in Kazakh traditional white yurts and study ways of local residents life. In winter, when snow and ice cover the whole area you can skate and ski. In summer there is a tourist festival, and in winter - ice and snow festivals.

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