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Turkmenbashi (former Krasnovodsk) - the only large port in entire Central Asia, which provides relations with the European countries. Surrounded from the east by the crescent of low mountains it looks into Caspian Sea turquoise- dark-blue waters in the west. Surrounding desert landscape is more similar to lunar. From this dusty and some sleepy city the majority of excursions to the mountains and seaside health resort towns begin.

The Caspian Sea cost is famous for its remarkable sandy beaches, clean, transparent water, abundance of sea flora and fauna, that makes it possible to take pleasure of aqua sports.

The preventive measures of different pulmonary diseases are conducted in sanatorium- dispensaries of health resort places in Khazar city and Turkmenbashi suburb – Avaza. A number of resorts and tourist bases are also located here.

Sumbarsk valley - the beautiful subtropical zone of the country with green groves and famous old oak in Garrygala settlement is located in Balkan velayet.

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