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Sights of Turkmenistan

Sights of Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan, thanks to its sights and original culture without doubt is the most interesting touristic center. In its relatively small area, there are also ancient fortresses, Seljuk mausoleums, medieval minarets and mosques. Three objects (Old Nisa, ancient Merv and Kugia-Urgench) are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Along with them, the list of landmarks of Turkmenistan is supplemented with new giant monuments and constructions registered in the Guinness Book of Records. Historical and architectural sights of Turkmenistan:

- Ashgabat and surroundings;
- Merv;
- Kuna- Urgench;
- Dekhistan;
- Margush;
- Avaza (seaside resort) and Turkmenbashi.

Extremely interesting and diverse are the natural sights of Turkmenistan:

Darvaza gas crater;
Canyons of Yangikala;
Kukitang (Koitendag, Dinosaur Plateau, canyons, caves);
Bakharden cave;
Nokhur and Kopetdaga mountains;
National parks of Turkmenistan.

Culture, traditions, crafts and museums of Turkmenistan:

Culture, traditions, ethnography of Turkmenistan;
Decorative and applied arts;
Folk handicrafts of Turkmenistan;
National Turkmen cuisine
Museums of Turkmenistan

Turkmenbashi (former Krasnovodsk) - the only large port in entire Central Asia, which provides relations with the European countries. Surrounded from ...
Kunya-Urgench ("old Urgench") is architectural preserve and lies in 480 km to the north of Ashkhabad. This is an ancient capital of north Khorezm and ...
Canyons of Yangikala
Surprising natural objects - Yangikala Canyons are situated in the Northwest Turkmenistan in Balkan region. From Turkmen language Yangi-kala means “fi...
There are two architectural and archaeological monuments – Old and New Nissa. The Old Nissa was the capital of Parthia, which existed and flourished m...
Misrian plain is one of the most unusual places in the territory of Turkmenistan. Intensive construction was not conducted here. This land is not suit...
The Margush was prosperous ancient kingdom in the region of Mari. Using the material of the latest archeological dig it can say the kingdom subsisted ...
Ashkhabad (Ashgabat) is the capital and the largest city of Turkmenistan, which name can be transferred as the "city of love". It is located in the so...
Bakharden Cave (Kow Ata)
Bakharden cave, without any exaggerations, is one of the most famous and attended touristic places of Turkmenistan.  The cave is located in the c...
Avaza - is a wonderful seaside resort on the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea located in Avazian district, Balkan province 12 kilometers away fro...
Darvaza gaz crater
Darvaza Gas Crater is situated in Turkmenistan in the center of Kara-Kum – one of the great deserts of Asia. (Latitude -40.252324, , Longitude -58.439...
Mary is the third large city in Turkmenistan (till 1937 y. - Merv). It is located in large oasis among Kara-Kum sands in Murgab river delta. Mary wa...

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