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Avaza - is a wonderful seaside resort on the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea located in Avazian district, Balkan province 12 kilometers away from city Turkmenbashi (former Krasnovodsk). Avaza can be translated as “the shore of the singing waves”. Indeed this place is blessed- almost 30 kilometers of crystal clear sand coast, lavish sun, warm sea in summer and curative air.


First plans of reconstruction of the shore and creating 5 thousand hectares of national touristic zone were declared by the president of Turkmenistan Gurbanogli Berdimukhamedov in May, 2007. There were very few who presumed that in such a provincial village in 5-7 years will be constructed a world class seaside resort. But the will of the president and the great amount of investment (already spent more than 3 billion dollars) made a miracle.   


More than 30 (out of the planned 60) fashionable hotels, sanatoriums, boarding houses, cottage townships, new International Airport of Turkmenbashi city, seawater desalter with productivity of 35 thousand cubic meters of fresh water per day were built In this huge territory. The 250 megawatt gas turbine power station has become the energetic heart of the touristic zone. Granite four-meter wide canal sidewalks, winding through a picturesque landscape amid the avenues of ornamental trees, past cozy cafes and bars create a promenade area that goes to the seaside. Also there are special roads for riding on bicycles. In one step distance from the man-made river, 4 big sport centers are located with fields and courts for sport games, tribunes, changing rooms, bathrooms and treatment rooms. On the picturesque embankments, decorated with openwork grilles and hundreds of old fashioned street lamps, there are 8 restaurants, 6 cafes and 14 bars. Powerful bumping system provides the water for canal in cascade of wonderful waterfalls. In October, 2010, the seaside of Avaza is decorated with sea fountains-geysers with the height from 40 to 100 meters and park ensemble of interactive fountains, also places for spending some leisure time and amphitheater for mass celebrations, 100 meters high flagpole. In the field of 1300 hectares, more than 30 thousand trees and decorative shrubs were planted. Watering is organized by the systems of drip irrigation. The best Yacht club is provided for exploitation.


Soon will be build:

Railroad “North- South” along the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea, connecting Kazakhstan and Iran. Alongside the railroad, highway, aqua park, aquarium, world-class motor racing track, congress center, theme entertainment amusement parks, a golf center, shopping centers. The plans also include the opening of a gambling cluster - the Turkmen Las Vegas with numerous casinos and other entertainment centers, an indoor ski complex occupying 20 hectares of area under a transparent dome, and a snow cover will be half a meter to one meter thick, a shopping complex-a skyscraper that will resemble a lighthouse standing on the island, like a map of Turkmenistan.

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