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Tuyuk Village

Tuyuk Village

Tuyuk village is located in 47 kilometers to west of Turpan city and in 13 km from the ancient city of Gaochang in the Grand Canyon of Tuyuk Valley, it is the oldest settlement in the Xinjiang Uighur. The settlement is over 2,000 years. Here still the sacred places exist,which attract a large number of local and foreign pilgrims. Grand Canyon Tuyuk extends 8 km in length and about 1 km in width. The highest peak of the Flaming Mountains is situated in this canyon (the height is 831.7 meters). Tourists will be interesting to see here the real rural life, ancient vineyards, the ancient mosque and Thousand Buddha caves of Tuyuk valley. It is one of the three major Buddhist grottoes of Xinjiang. These caves are the world"s leading gallery of Buddhist art. Magnificent wall paintings and stucco sculptures were created in this gallery more than thousand years ago. Moreover, there is a separate cave with a sealed library consisting of written documents, paintings on silk, prints on wood. At the moment there are 94 caves, and only 8 of them are with unfinished paintings. Those surviving mural cave paintings, which still demonstrate the appeal of ancient civilizations, attract many specialists in the arts and academics to study the history of Buddhism and Buddhist art from around the world. These precious relics have a great historical and scientific value.

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