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Asian Patagonia

Asian Patagonia

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Asian Patagonia

The itinerary: Bishkek – Batken – Uzgurush – Buldzhuma pass – Dzhalgychy pass – Ortochashma gorge – Kara Suu gorge – Kosh Moinok pass – Ak Tubek pass – Ak-Suu gorge – Uryam pass – Uzgurush – Batken - Bishkek

        The nature of Kyrgyzstan is amazing. Its mountain landscapes are various in different corners of the Republic. «Asia Adventures» presents a new trekking program which goes along the gorges of Turkestan mountain range and takes you to the heart of Pamir-Alai mountain system, right to peak Ak-Suu.
Turkestan mountain range region is quite interesting and unusual. It reminds South American Patagonia – same wilderness, winds blowing through, mountain streams with pure water, alpine meadows, herds of yaks grazing peacefully, glaciers surrounded with 5000+ meters Peaks and not a sign of civilization...
But still there is one significant advantage of Asian mountains from the South American analog –stable and warm weather.
The mountain trails going above the steeps, wild nature, panoramic views of the canyons crowned by snow-white peaks and treks to the foot of peak Piramidalnyi (5509m), which is the highest point of Turkestan range, peak Ak-Suu (5355m), Slesova (4240m) – all these will leave an unforgettable impression on everybody!!!


Day 1 “Manas” International airport – Bishkek.
Day 2 Bishkek – Batken – Uzgurush village.
Day 3 Uzgurush village – Ak-Tash tent camp.
Day 4 Ak-Tash tent Camp – Orto Chashma tent Camp.
Day 5 Orto Chashma tent Camp – Kara-Suu tent camp.
Day 6 Radial hile to the foot of Slesov peak.
Day 7 Radial hike to the foot of peaks Asan Usan and Piramidalnyi.
Day 8 Kara Suu tent camp – Orto Chashma tent camp.
Day 9 Orto Chashme tent camp - Ak-Suu tent camp.
Day 10 Radial hike to the foot of Ak-Suu peak.
Day 11 Radial hike to Uryam pass.
Day 12 Ak-Suu tent Camp – Uzgurush village.
Day 13 Uzgurush village – Batken town – Bishkek.
Day 14 Home flight
Day 1 “Manas” International airport – Bishkek.
Arrival in international airport “Manas”, transfer to the hotel. Rest, lunch and city tour.
Bishkek – is the capital and industrial centre of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek is a city of wide avenues, handsome buildings and Soviet heritage. The gesturing statue of Lenin can still be seen in the city’s vast central square, yet it is the permanently snowcapped Kyrgyz Ala-Tau mountain range which towers over Bishkek providing a quite stunning backdrop.
We visit Manas Monument, the main national hero of the Kyrgyz people. Then excursion to the State History Museum and transfer to the main Ala Too Square to watch ceremony of changing of the Guard of Honor, main governmental buildings, and finish at the Old Square with Parliament House.
We drive to Victory Square to finish our excursion visiting ZUM department store for souveniers.
Day 2 Bishkek – Batken – Uzgurush village. (1700 m.)
Day flight to Batken town. Transfer to Uzgurush villag, the drive takes us about 4 hours. Accommodation in a local Kyrgyz family house. Trekking preparation.
Day 3 Uzgurush village – Ak-Tash tent camp (2500 m.) (15 km, 7-8 hours, +1194 / -394 m.)
The first trekking day starts from the views of wild pistachio tree and walnut orchards. Wild trail stretches along Buldzhuma river and goes up to the pass with the same name – Buldzhuma (2894m). From the pass you can enjoy the wonderful view of the nearest gorges and the Western face of the peak Piramidalnyi and the peak Orto Chashma. After we enjoyed the views, we start descending to the valley of Ak-Tash river. There is the tent Camp Ak-Tash hidden among the bushes on a green meadow.
Overnight in tents in Ak-Tash Camp (2500m).
Day 4 Ak-Tash tent Camp – Orto Chashma tent Camp (2700 m.) (16 km, 6-7 hours, +1274 / - 1074 m.)
We traverse along Ak-Tash river on scree up to Dzhalgychy pass (3774m). From the top of the pass we enjouy the panoramic view of Turkestan mountain range. Descend along a trail down along Dzhalgychy river till coinfluence with Orto Chashma river.
Overnight in tents in Orto-Chashma Camp (2700m).
Day 5 Orto Chashma tent Camp – Kara-Suu tent camp (2800 m.) (16 km, 7-8 hours, +1060 m./ -960 m.)
Crossing Orto-Chashma river on horses, then down the water flow, on a good trail till the start of ascent to Kosh Moinok pass (3260 m). The serpentine trail goes through juniper forest, passing by a cool spring and finishes at the saddle of Kara Suu pass (3760 m). From the tor of the pass we have a wonderful view of an “ocean” of pointed snowcapped rocky peaks of Turkestan mountain range. We face a row of “fortresses” of North-Western faces of the peaks Kotin (4521 m), 1000-anniversary of Kreshenie Rusi (4507 m).
Overnight in tents in Kara-Suu Tent Camp.
Day 6 Radial hile to the foot of Slesov peak. (10 km, 6 hours, +200 m. / -200 m.)
Radial hike to Ak Suu gorge towards Slesov peak.
Peak Slevov (4240m) looks like a monolit rock wall when you reach it from Ak Suu gorge. This is probably who foreigners call it Russian Tower. Peak 4240 – this is the official geographic name of the peak. Alpinists from Rostov city, Russian Federation named it Slesov in the memory of their countryman, a famous alpinist Ivan Slesov.
We also see peaks Orto Tubek, Ptiza, 4774, 4810.
Overnight in tents in Kara-Suu Tent Camp.
Day 7 Radial hike to the foot of peaks Asan Usan and Piramidalnyi. (8 km, 5 hours, + 300 m. / -300 m.)
Radial hike to Kara Suu gorge to the foot of peak Piramidalnyi (5509 m), 1000-anniversary of Kreshenie Rusi (Kyrkchilta) (4507 m.), Asan Usen (4378 m).
An old legend says: «It was in ancient times. An old man who lived in the mountains had two sons-twins. Their names were Asan and Usen. He brought them up as warriors and was very happy with the result. What do you need more when you get old? But a war started and both sons were killed in the battles. And then the man who got out of his mind because of the grief and sorrow, rose his arms up to the sky and asked Allakh: Oh, Allakh! You give the lifes, you take them. Return my sons to me, and take my life instead. Let it be so!» And Allakh heard his pray, and the ground opened and high peaks rose up on the spot. Many centuries went on, and people call the two bastions, standing next to each other at the beginning of Karavshin river, the names of the two sons Asan (4230 m) and Usen (4378 m). A bit further you may see the snowy white peak Piramidalnyi (Tubek) (5509m) standing against the blue sky. It reminds of the old man…».
Overnight in tents in Kara Suu Camp.
Day 8 Kara Suu tent camp – Orto Chashma tent camp (2800 m.) (16 km, 8 hours, +960 m / -1060 m.)
Over Kara Suu (3760 m) and Kosh Moinok (3260 m) passes we get back to Orto Chashma tent Camp again. This pass is very interesting: it is devided by a small flat spot in two parts.
Overnight in Orto Chashma tent Camp.
Day 9 Orto Chashme tent camp - Ak-Suu tent camp (2800 m.) (15 km, 8 - 10 hours, +1590 m / -1190 m. )
Moderate ascent along Orto Chashma river till coinfluence with Ak-Tubek river. Then we continue along Ak-Tubek river, and traverse up to Ak Tubek pass (4390 m). The hard ascent is rewarded by a majestic panoramic view over Iskander peak region and Orto Chashma river valley. Our Camp is situated in the beginning of green zone at Ak-Suu river. On the way you can see alpinist walls of Iskander (5120 m), Petrogradez (5165 m), Admiralteez (5090 m), Aksu (5355 m), A.Block (5229 m), Aktubek (5125 m) peaks.
Overnight in Ak-Suu tent camp.
Day 10 Radial hike to the foot of Ak-Suu peak. (14km, 5 hours, +600m/-600 m.)
The trail goes through juniper forest up a steep moraine to a glacier, to the very heart of Pamir-Alai – to peak Ak-Suu (5355 m). This pyramid like peak has a snow cap, and a vertical wall (almost 2 km) on the Northern slope. The grandiose circus is surrounded by such peaks as two-headed Iskander and Admiralteez, Petrogradez and A.Block.
Overnight in Ak-Suu tent camp.
Day 11 Radial hike to Uryam pass (3760 m.) (12 km, 6 hours, +960m/-960 m.)
A beautiful view opens from Uryam pass over to the neighboring gorge and a river and a amaziongly beautiful Peak called Parus (Sails) (5035m). You also can see the panoramic view of Ak Suu gorge, Dostoevskii peak (4974 m) and peak Sobakh (5300 m).
Overnight in tents in Ak-Sauu tent camp.
Day 12 Ak-Suu tent Camp – Uzgurush village. (10 km, 6 hours, -1500 m.)
Descent through juniper forest along Ak-Mechet river. We can observe the peak Iskander on the way. Then we trek along a picturesque green gorge till Uzgurush village.
Overnight in a Kyrgyz family in Uzgurush village.
Day 13 Uzgurush village – Batken town – Bishkek.
Morning drive to Batken. A walk in Batken town center, visiting “Manas Ordo” complex. Afternoon flight to Bishkek. Accommodation in a hotel in Bishkek.
Day 14 Home flight.
Morning transfer from the hotel to the airport. Home flight.

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Available: Book this trip now as spaces are available. (However internal flights &/or special permits may still be subject to availability.)
Limited Availability: Limited spaces are available so please click on the Contact Us link to enquire about the departure status.
Closed: This date is unavailable. Please click on the Contact Us link to enquire about other trip departure dates or booking this trip as a private departure.

Cost includes: Cost does not include:
• accommodation in a hotel in Bishkek – 3 nights;
• accommodation in a Kyrgyz family in Uzgurush village – 2 night;
• accommodation in tent camps with full board (3 meals a day – hot breakfast and dinner, snack boxes for lunch), starting from “Ak-Tash” tent camp and to tent camp “Ak-Suu” – 9 nights. Attention! You do not have to set any tent yourself. There are tents ready and upon arrival you can rest immediately. You are welcomed by hot meals;
• Full board during the whole tour;
• escorting guide during the whole tour;
• service of pack animals and a driver for transporting your luggage;
• all transfers as per program;
• ecological and entrance fees into the museums – as per program;
• visa support and consular fee (if required);
• all additions and variations from the basic program;
• food and drinks besides the main menu;
• other personal expenses (overweight charges, room service, medical expenses/insurance, foto/video charges, etc).


For this trip you will need the following:

- 4 season sleeping bag;
- Thermarest or similar sleeping mat;
- walking boots;
- waterproof jacket and trousers;
- fleece jacket or similar;
- warm hat and gloves;
- sunglasses;
- a daypack of around 40 liters;
- head-torch and batteries;
- 2 x 1 liter water bottles;
- sun cream.

A down jacket, pair of sandals and walking sticks are recommended.

Accomodation during the trek

In season 2014 we sets tent camps along the whole route. Be the first to travel with comfort! If you book the trek «In Terskei Ala Too», you use our tent camps and all the facilities! It gives us you s number of advantages:

1) Your journey is easier and more comfortable than ever as you do not need to carry any food, tents, kitchen utensils, etc.
2) Your journey becomes cheaper, as there is no need to hire any porters, cooks, etc. Moreover, there is no crowd to spoil the views.
3) The journey is safer, as you get a detailed map with the route description. There is means of communication in every tent camp.
4) Your journey is a discover. You learn new things, try new dishes of the national cuisine, etc.

Menu at camps during trekking

Always on the tables: honey, jam, sugar, condensed milk, dried fruits, cookies or sweets, salt, pepper, ketchup.

Each breakfast consists of porridge and additional dish.
Additional dish: omelet with bacon, omelet with cheese, fried sausages, pancakes, cheesecakes, scrambled eggs with sausage, boiled eggs.

Each supper consists of salad, soup, main dish and dessert.
Salads: funchoza(starch noodles), rice with crab sticks, eggs with fish, cabbage with carrot, greek salad, beans with onion, cod-liver with eggs.
Soups: minestrone, kesme, lentil puree soup, rice soup, pumpkin puree soup, fish soup and soup with dumplings.
Main dish: kuurdak, pilaf, stew with spaghetti and cheese, dymlyama, stuffed pepper, lagman, befstroganof with rice.
Dessert: cakes, waffles, fruits and rolls.

Consists of main dish, fruits or dried fruits, processed cheese, bread, chocolate, water (cold tea with lemon or compote).
Main dish: fried chicken, smoked chicken, smoked duck breast, cheese sandwich, cutlet, boiled eggs, meat pate.

Luggage allowance on trek

Your personal luggage during the whole trek is taken care by the animal drivers who accompany your group.

Your luggage shouldn’t be more than 15 kg per person. For 1kg extra luggage you pay 5 Euro per program (not per day!).

Features tour
Duration, days 14
Kyrgyzstan yes
July yes
August yes

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