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Business and VIP tours in Uzbekistan

Business and VIP tours in Uzbekistan

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Business and VIP tours in Uzbekistan

      Uzbekistan is a fast progressing country with enough developed economy and agriculture. About 2 thousand plants and factories produce airplanes and tractors, automobiles and buses, machines for cotton and textile industry, refrigeration cabinets and scroll bars. The country has developed mining, chemical, iron and steel industries (including production of refractory metals and alloys).

More than 2700 mineral deposits and mineral raw materials of about 100 kinds are prospected on territory of Uzbekistan. General raw mineral potential of Uzbekistan is valued in 3,3 billion US dollars. Uzbekistan occupies the 4th position in the world on reserves of gold and 7th position on its mining and 8th position on reserve of brass.

Annually about 8 mln tons of oil and 52 bln m3 natural gas are mined in Uzbekistan. There is a commercial production of coal, ferri lactas, zincum, manganese, chromium, lead, phosphorites, uranium, precious stones (topaz, biruza, ametist, mining crystal, mottled onix) here. There are 37 thermal and hydro power station by a general installed power 11 million, kw. The transport communications are well advanced. The total length of rail roads is 6,7 thousand km. Total length of highways is 83 thousand km. (with asphalt cover - 40 thousand km.) The Uzbek national airline company "O’zbekiston Havo Y’ollary" annually transports 2 mln passengers and 45 thousands tones of freight. The park of airplanes consists of 350 jets including Boeing, A-310, RJ - 85. The production of cotton (5th producer in the world) is the main product of agriculture. Uzbekistan exports the fruit and vegetables, products of their processing and also wool and astrakhan fur. The majority of agriculture cultures grows on irrigated soil. Overall length of irrigation channels is 200 thousand km., about 50 m3 of water flows down through them and the area of irrigation is more than 3,5 million hectares. The largest automobile plant and oil-refining factory in Central Asia were built here in co-operation with foreign investors. Gold mining is developed in Central Kyzyl-Kum desert.

Uzbekistan has population of 25 million people and is attractive for productions in Central Asia without exaggeration. The availability of manpower with high education allows to develop the high technology joint ventures and factories. More than 2000 joint ventures and foreign companies including the world famous Siemens, Mercedes-Benz, BASF, IBM, Rank Xerox, Shell International Petroleum Company, Deutsche Bank, MITSUI & Co. etc. are operating in Uzbekistan utilizing these favorable factors.

"Asia Adventures" provides the full package of services including:

• meeting at Tashkent International Airport through CIP & VIP hall
• providing transport, experts, interpreters, escort
• looking for potential business partners
• arranging the meetings, presentations
• booking any class hotels, apartments
• participating in exhibitions, fairs
• organizing the rest, excursions including active weekends: picnics in the mountains, biking, skiing and etc.
• Incentive tourism

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